Friday, July 3, 2009

Take a "Bow"

This photo is eerily reminiscent of some of the Phil Spector trial photos that I've been seeing for however many years now. It's obviously the glasses. I don't remember Murderin' Phil ever wearing pearl necklaces and tying his own hair into a bow (not that he probably couldn't have).

This pic is more "Lady" than "Gaga" but it shows that even on a normal day, she dresses like no normal human being would. This picture is all kinds of GagaFAIL. "Attempt to look studious": Fail. "Attempt to look sophisticated": Fail. Am I being too hard on her? Without any doubt, but this one aggravates me even more than the Gagatron pic with the flames shooting out of her brazeer because this one is halfway redeeming.

I just long for the day when Lady Gaga markets her music and not her outlandish diva-nity. They compare her to Madonna. I say, she's more like a "premadonna".

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