Monday, July 13, 2009

Everyone knows it's slinky...

I guess they call it Tinseltown for a reason. Here we see Madame Gaga sporting a nice ensemble that falls somewhere between the old slinky toys and the Michelin Man. And then I'm pretty sure my grandmother wears those sunglasses when she comes back from the eye doctor. She also appears to be holding something like a clipboard (possibly an agenda?) in her hands, which instantly separates her from the majority of pop icons in that she can write. Unless she's drawing a kitty cat pooping on all the piles of money she's copped off "Love Game". The tragedy is that we'll never know for sure.
I would like to believe that she's writing something along the lines of "save me from this superficial hell I've unleashed upon myself".
P.S. For all the Gaga fans out there, check out this Daughtry cover of "Poker Face". I wouldn't profess to be a Daughtry fan but this is pretty okay:
Also, I like the idea of Lady Gaga having an agenda in this photograph. A "shedule" as they say in Britain. I imagine here "shedule" would look something like this.
To Do:
1. Learn to shut playboy mouth
2. Recover keys and phone
3. Hone poker face
4. Turn t-shirt right-side-out
5. Thank Michelin for the dress

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