Thursday, July 2, 2009

I'll bet they actually had a LOT to talk about

Don't get me wrong. I am an unabashed Kanye West fanatic. Musically, everything he touches turns to gold, which makes him King Midas when it comes to beats (yeah, I went there). But his ego is unmatched only by his fashion sense and I found something incredibly telling about this picture I stumbled across on the Internet.
Sir Paul McCartney--meet, Kanye West.
The truly embarrassing thing is that they both showed up wearing the exact same thing and Paul had to change! Luckily, he had a spare suit out in the limo, while Kanye West was actually wearing a complete Stormtrooper outfit from the original Star Wars trilogy underneath of this hoody.
True story.
So Kanye, when's that "Graduation" sequel coming out? My title suggestion: "Post-Grad"


  1. Welcome to the blogosphere, friend! I'm much more likely to read your witty banter on a blog rather than Facebook, so I consider this a win for me :) I have a blog too, but it's quite possible that it's not really your thing... but it's nice to have a blogging buddy now! I'll definitely give you a shout out on mine soon.

    The One, The Only,
    Aborted Fetus Hands [haha..]

  2. Sgt. Pepper? Is that you, mate?