Thursday, July 2, 2009

"Mics are for singin', not for swingin'"

Hey, Adam Lazzara, lead singer for Taking Back Sunday. Long time no see. Say, is that a jewel-encrusted microphone you have around your neck? Man, it really brings out your voice. WAIT! You're not Adam Lazzara, lead singer for Taking Back Sunday. You're Lady Gaga!

Is that lightning bolt just make-up, or a birthmark? Or is it drawn on with a Sharpie like the peace symbol on your left wrist (jk, it's probably real).

This is actually Lady Gaga at her least obnoxious so I'm not going to rip on it too much. I just found it odd that she was taking notes from Adam Lazarra, LEAD SINGER FOR TAKING BACK SUNDAY. If she would keep the theatrics toned down to this level, there would be no need to include her in this blog. Otherwise, she can tighten that cord a little, although mics're for sangin' like singers, not fur hangin' from yur fingers.

I apologize. You deserve better.

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